london weather


Despite the fact that 60 years ago, after the Great London Smog, an unusual nickname «The Big Smoke» was established london weather outside the city, today the humid, fresh and clean air of a huge metropolis pleases its residents and tourists. Of course, the fog that served as the main reason for the famous tragedy in 1952 is not uncommon for the city today, but after a loud incident the authorities of the metropolis carefully monitor the ecology of the capital and the state. In addition, everyone who wants to visit London should take an umbrella with him, which will immediately become a matter of prime necessity, for a fine rain drizzles here almost every day.
Despite the gloomy weather and the sky overcast, the people of hospitable London are very welcoming, smiling and, it seems, never sad. The warm atmosphere of the city is literally imbued with a joyful mood and creative spirit. On Friday night all the rest places (especially the pubs) are so crowded that you can see a lot of people who just stand on the street, chat and treat each other with wine or beer. Another thing is the evening of Sunday — the city seems to freeze and it is rare to find a passer-by on the street.
Of course, compared to New York, where life passes in an eternal hurry, London is not such a «fast and active» city, although there is hardly time for refined breakfasts. But to settle somewhere in the park on the grass, surrounded by nature and city residents with coffee, a warm bun or a sandwich — very English. In the daytime in such London parks it is always very crowded, nevertheless, everyone around feels free and comfortable.
English endurance and patience are inherent not only to high-ranking titled persons, but also to the usual London policeman, who will always tell the tourist the way and will friendly talk london about local rules and laws. Patience and politeness of law-abiding residents of the capital of the UK is noticeably reflected on roads where drivers even at night on an empty track try not to exceed speed, and in the day they miss each other, thus preventing endless traffic jams.